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Working out Just for an Hour in a Week might Decrease the Depression Level

working out just for an hour in a week might decrease the depression level

A numerous number of studies are already being conducted to help decrease the depression levels in humans. This one more adds to the list. Exercising just for an hour per week and you would get rid of depression in future life, reveals the recent study. Small body movements directly interfere with reduced mental stress irrespective of gender or age.

A group of 33,908 adults in Norway was supervised for a period of 11 years from January 1984 to June 1997. The information was collected from health survey, one of the biggest institute in Nord-Trondelag County in Norway. Individuals were given a set of questionnaires including how frequently they exercise and with what passion, duration of their workout, and what diet they follow.

The study revealed 12 percent among the entire group who executed regular exercise at least an hour a week had reduced level of depression rate. Whereas, those who quit doing exercise, the level of depression raised by 44 percent than those keeping their body warm with regular workout.

Previous studies have already revealed benefit of regular exercise on reduced depression but this is the first study that gave an improved result on how it would prevent depression state in future. “This is ultimately an exhilarating study that divulges the even trivial amount of exercise for an hour per week can give better anti-depression results”, said Samuel Harvey, a professor, and the lead researcher.

“This study definitely has a future scope to reveal how exercise would help in declining down all the mental problems”, he further added. They also considered a number of other factors including body mass index, social provision, physical sickness, statistical and socio-economic factors to make out the relationship between slight exercise and decreased the level of depression.

The study does not reveal any close connection between regular exercise and anxiety.


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