Home Technology New AI drone’s technology would avert shark attacks, say, Australian researchers

New AI drone’s technology would avert shark attacks, say, Australian researchers

New AI drone's technology would avert shark attacks, say, Australian researchers

The number of shark attacks in Australia is been increasing day-by-day. To put a brake on this, Technology Sydney’s School of Software University has developed an Artificial Intelligence drone technology that could monitor and notify sharp swimmers from the close by shark attack. Previously, drones were used to monitor these kinds of attacks but today with the help of software technology, artificial intelligence is being added to the existing technology for even better monitoring.

The number of shark attacks noticed in Australia last year was 26. Among them, 2 attacks proved to be fatal.

Working of this technology:

The logic behind preventing the shark attacks is quite trending. The AI technology will monitor the sharks from the in-flight angle. Later, it will give an intimation to the drones that will, in turn, intimate the swimmers to go away from the sharks or come out of the water as early as possible.

Previously, saving swimmers from the shark attack merely depended on humans. Humans manually needed to spot the presence of shark in the oceanic bodies that were time-consuming and a risky thing to perform. According to the researchers at the University of Technology Sydney, the software that they have developed shows the efficiency up to 90 percent which is really very good.

Till now, the shark was the one who was taking over the power of humans, but due to this upcoming technology humans will take over the strength of sharks. Dr. Sharma said, “Our aim is definitely not to replace humans by drones but we aim at providing some sort of assistance to humans. This application will certainly provide better accuracy and realness than human’s estimation.”

Researchers just hope that combination of drones and artificial intelligence will eventually reduce down the rate of shark attacks. Apart from detecting the position of shark and saving lives of many, the application will also help in conserving shark’s population.


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