Home Healthcare Smoking in public can be as harmful as daily smoking, researchers say

Smoking in public can be as harmful as daily smoking, researchers say

Smoking in public can be as harmful as daily smoking, researchers say

Smoking in any way can be harmful, the recent study reveals. The study says, people who smoke infrequently in public put their health at greater risk than those who smoke one pack of cigarette at home on daily basis. This was the first ever study conducted to give the relationship between public cigarette smokers and having high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Hence, the only option left with smokers to save themselves from heart diseases is to completely avoid the smoking habit. Researchers conducted a study that involved a mixed crowd of 40,000 individuals. One group included people who did not smoke, the second one who smoked frequently and the third group who smoked infrequently or were coined as social smokers.

Social smokers were classified the one who visited bars or discos. They were the one who did not smoke frequently but enjoyed smoking regularly when they attend any kind of occasion. After analyzing all the groups of smokers, the study discovered that both frequent smokers and social smokers did not show any kind of difference in their risk of health issues like blood pressure and heart diseases.

This study did not show any jeopardy of cancer but according to the other studies carried out smoking habit may lead to 30 diverse forms of cancer. The study induces nurse practitioners, doctors, and other medical faculties to enquire patients regarding their smoking habits. Social smokers would say ‘No we don’t smoke’ when asked about their smoking habit.

This happens because they don’t think themselves in the category of social smokers. Hence, most of the time detecting their health issues becomes difficult. The study can influence our society in a positive manner. 1 of every 10 individuals in America today are classified as social smokers while 17 percent of them come under the category of frequent smokers.

In general millions of people suffer from cardiovascular diseases every year due to social smoking and this problem cannot be overlooked.


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