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Scientists speckled a rare form of whale in the Bering Sea, it’s beyond their outlooks

Scientists speckled a rare form of whale in the Bering Sea, it's beyond their outlooks

While hunting on a research vessel, scientists came across two rare whales in the Bering Sea. The right whale species that were spotted recently was seen around 8 times till now.  Last time, they were noticed a decade ago. The Yushin Maru 2 ship was on a round in the Bering Sea when Jessica Crance, a biologist noticed those two whales.

Maggie Mooney, a program manager said, “These types of whales are observed very rarely. It’s similar to finding a small needle in a crowdy haystack.”  “Finding a rare species in huge water bodies of Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea is quite a difficult task”, she further added.

While moving around, Jessica heard a sound coming from the west side that attracted them towards the whale. After noticing it for four and a half hours, they came across two rare forms of whale species – Minke whale and Humpback whale. According to Phillip Clapham, these species originated from the Eastern side of the Bering Sea.

After tracing the two species, researchers were able to click the photographs and take few samples of their skin for research purpose. The samples were enough to find out their genetic pattern. It can also help in finding other basic information of the whale such as its gender, what category it fits too, whether it was expectant or not and their diet habits etc.

The population of these species calculated is very less only 30 to 50 whale species in all. This is the reason why they are classified as one of the rarest whales on the Earth, Mooney further added. Crance decided to keep a watch on the whales until September. She ensured that she will come back with astounding videos and pictures of whales.

Today, the biggest harm that causes the extinction of particular fish species is ship strikes and fishing equipment predicaments, Clapham added.


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