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Outer space getting polluted day by day, urgent need of a protection officer

Outer space getting polluted day by day, urgent need of a protection officer

Along with our planet Earth, outer world of space is also on the verge of pollution, the recent NASA study reveals. Hence, NASA is planning to hire a ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ that will look after these issues. As previously announced NASA will offer a six-digit salary to the candidate who qualifies the test of the designation.

The job responsibilities of the appointed person will be to keep our earth away from external microorganisms as well as prevent them from spreading into the other planets. Focusing on this matter can prevent pollution that takes place during conducting the any space assignments and missions.

The officers will mainly focus on keeping the space environment unsoiled rather than triggering capabilities to protect our planet from the extra-terrestrial bodies. The artefact, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ posted in the journal reveals various threats caused to our planet by deadly heat waves, continuous war, and the global dearth.

Other situations may include nuclear catastrophe, microorganisms that are genetically engineered, along with machine revolutions. Industrial revolution in past few years have contaminated our earth to huge extend. Have researchers ever wondered what effects will of coal, gasoline and oil have on our environment.

The recent study reveals that all the species on the Earth surface might become uninhabitable due to these disastrous events that occur on the planet. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon says, I am working to open a private firm and spaceflight company named as Blue Origin that can put their hands forward to overcome this everlasting problem.

Saving our planet from the small organisms is not as important as dealing with the aliens from different planets. This is the reason why we need to perform this task so sincerely. What space means to us is still a mystery. This year experienced a fourth hottest summer where an iceberg blasted off from Antarctica. We have already caused a great harm to our mother planet, now, it’s time to be a responsible human being.


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