Home Technology This novel system makes use of smartphone to categorize fake products

This novel system makes use of smartphone to categorize fake products


A new technology comes booming into the market once again. Indian researchers from the University of New York have found new instrument called as Entrupy using an artificial intelligence and a smartphone to recognize and discern the authentic and forged variety of the similar product.

The mechanism uses the data image collected from different items such as electronics, fabrics, shoes, and pills. Researchers noticed a variety of fake items that affect bodily object or the goods directly. To eliminate this problem, they came up with this trending technology.

There were a variety of algorithms designed earlier to fight against this defect but these methods can have high jeopardy of affecting and detrimental the products while carrying out the test and inspection. The new system will be introduced at the KDD conference that is conducted to distribute the information on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

The procedure included in detecting the fake products:

The device uses the basic principle to detect the genuine versions created by the manufacturers and the fake versions of the products created by the forged people. We need to position the device on the product. Later, by opening the Entrupy application on the tablet or smartphone just go on ensuing the notifications you get and finally capture the images of the product. Finally, using AI algorithms the captured images are examined and the product is classified as genuine or fake.

Professor Lakshminarayanan Subramanian said, “The proposed technology was originated from the knowledge that infinitesimal properties of real products have huge similarities with the larger product. These similarities will be helpful to differentiate between original products and the fake products. ”

The problems related to the fake goods is not a new issue today. It has affected almost millions of genuine products all over the world. As compared to the other methods available to defend against this problem, entropy method is considered to be an invasive method that distinguishes between both the versions of the product.


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