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Can LG V30 do Better in the Smartphone Market Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

LG V30

In the race of smartphones, LG is not behind. LG is on the verge of releasing its new smartphone device called LG V30 which seems to the best smartphone ever launched by the company. Some rumors also hint that the specifications and the look of this device are not less than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung beware as many new smartphones like iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, LG V30 are scheduled to be launched during the same time.

LG and Samsung are the close competitors as both of them excel in designing their own technologies rather than depending on the third parties. Both the smartphones namely Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 are scheduled to be launched in the same month. The upcoming LG V30 smartphone device will be first launched in the United States on September 28. The main question striking the users mind is whether LG V30 smartphone device will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device? Earlier LG had launched the LG G6 device in line with the Samsung Galaxy S8 to give them tough competition.

Both the LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8 device are up to the mark when it comes to design and internal specifications of the device. LG has made sure that its upcoming smartphone device will remain up to the mark. This smartphone will be revealed publicly during the company’s press conference which will be conducted in the Berlin from September 1 to September 6. After this conference, the interested users can buy this smartphone from September 15.

LG V30 device will be available for purchase first in South Korea followed by the United States and later on it will be released globally. LG has suffered huge loss due to decline in the number of sales during the second quarter of 2017. Hence the company is now planning to excel in the smartphone market by providing high-performance devices.

LG V30 device has 6-inch display size, 6 GB RAM, running on Snapdragon 835 processor and a dual camera support. It will be interesting to see how LG will grab a large number of users towards itself with these high-end specifications.


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