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YouTube Red and Google Play Music Merged Together so as to Provide New Service

YouTube Red and Google Play Music Merged Together so as to Provide New Service

YouTube Red is a paid streaming platform developed by YouTube for some countries was launched in October 2015. Whereas the Google Play Music is similar streaming service offered by Google. Users of these two streaming services have to pay some amount to avail the streaming services. Recently Google Inc has announced that YouTube Red and Google Play Music will be integrated into one single platform to offer one stop solution to the subscribed users.

Lyor Cohen, the head of YouTube announced this news during the New MusicSeminar which was held in New York. He says that this move will help customers to avail the benefits of both the paid streaming services as well as it will add new users to its existing service.

YouTube Red service costs the users $9.99 on a monthly basis in which the users can enjoy the streaming services without the annoying ads. Also, users can save the content for viewing it offline along with the access to Google Play Music service. Compared to other music streaming platform YouTube Red is lagging behind whereas Google Play Music has also not done great in terms of streaming. Hence the new initiative to integrate both the services under one roof will help them to attract a large number of users.

However how this integration will take place is not yet known for instance it’s unclear whether the apps will merge on their own or it’s just integration of both the services. The YouTube music platform is a free service which can be accessed by every user whereas it is recommended that users should opt for YouTube Red as it offers add-free experience to the users and facility to save the offline content. There is one more option called YouTube TV which is completely different than YouTube Red and Google Play Music.

However, the exact date when this move will come into the picture is not known by Google will notify to its users on prior basis. The move to integrate these two music streaming options under one roof will create a lot of complications and confusion among user’s mind. To compete with prominent music streaming services like Spotify and Apple music Google may have decided to integrate YouTube Red and Google Play Music.


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