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Google Deletes 20 Apps that Abduct E-mails, Text Messages and Record your Calls


The tech giant Google discharges certain apps from Google Play Store that uses a special code to scout text messages, email, trace the location and also record your calls. 100 smartphones till now with older updates of Android are detected with the scout named as Lipizzan.

Apart from abducting emails, the scout was able to perform functions such as VOIP recording, capturing screenshots, captivating information of the device and smartphone camera clicking random photos. Information was also stolen from other social networking sites like Hangouts, Messenger, Gmail etc. After an investigation, researchers guessed that NSO group technologies company was a culprit behind developing this malicious code.

Whenever users tried to wedge these apps they started re-emerging as other applications such as alarm manager, notepad, and cleaner. Lippizan works in two phases: in the first phase, the apps get downloaded through the google play store and in next phase once the app gets installed it verifies a license, spies the diseased device and then send the information of the device to the connected server.

Here are some of the security tips you should adopt to avoid infection of your device:

  • Make sure you solely use google play store
  • Turn off the settings of installing apps from unknown sources while not in use
  • Safeguard your device by installing Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect plays a key role in protecting your device. It scans your device whenever we install a new app. It not only scans the currently installed app but also previous apps and notify users if there are any threats.

Google made an announcement to remove these apps from google play store as soon it detected two apps extorting text messages and emails from the mobile devices information. One of the apps tends to have a shortcut feature and other pretend to be a “Skin Care Magazine” app.


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